wooly marmot

are you guys sure that the wooly marmot isnt discontinued because its not in stock anywhere

Yup, CLYW themselves have said that those furry little beasts are not going to be abandoned.

The guys up at the Lodge have a full list ahead of them right now (Quatchis, Cheif, and a few more Peaks). They are probably going to finish up that before heading off into anything else.

No worries! They got lots cooking! Just needed to get it off the stove.

(Wow, those were some bad puns… :P) But, hopes this answers your question.

and the sasquatch the bigger version of the gnarwhal i believe


I would cry if my little furry little buddy was discontinued.
They will be coming back.

They restock them very rarely, but their not discontinued. I think Yoyoexpert should be getting some in by Christmas time.

good i would have to die cuz i want one for christmas

wait but its says only forty of the red with gold splash were produced for yoyoexpert. when they get the new shippments will they be red with gold splash or no!!!


Probably not, CLYW rarely makes another run of a colorway.

is clyw like yyf or like general yo where its just one guy

Only one guy, Chris

But if you want a wooly now you can always find them on the BST boards.

yeah there are a ton of woolys on the bst and reasonably priced too in most cases

do you think i could email him and request one made?

Negative sir. Single piece runs are not at all cost effective. They know that people want more Marmots, but as other posters have mentioned, Chris has really got his hands full right now. Just remember - good things come to those who wait.


That exact same thing.


I don’t have any super cool top secret information if that’s what you’re asking