wooly marmot

hey guys just asking about your thoughts on the wooly marmot

It’s a sexy beast. All you need to know.

auctally just bought one should be here in about a week

It’s incredible.

The Marmot is the smaller version of the ever popular “Peak” by CLYW. Most peaks a had a small vibe, some had a bigger vibe than others, some smooth, but in general it had a vibe to it.
Every Marmot I’ve tried, even though being a smaller version of the Peak, was DEAD smooth, nimble, and fast. You really can’t go wrong with anything by CLYW, all of their
throws are TOP of the line.

Do u know when they restock??.?.

I’ve heard rumors of a restock in a think march-ish?

Restock end of this week! We will have an official countdown page soon. :wink:

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serouisly?!?! wow, i heard it was wayyyyyyyy father off. Wow, im pretty excited now. :slight_smile:

Yes. And they play amazing. They took off some weight and it just has a really pleasantly ‘floaty’ feel now. Really neat.