Can yoyoexpert restock the Sasquatches?

I want one first of all, and also in different and more variety of colors.

It’s all up to CLYW not yoyoexpert.

I don’t think you understand the process… CLYW has to actually make the yoyo first. YoYoExpert or CLYW doesn’t just have some lying around that they can put up in the store. Unless there is a very large demand, I don’t think they’ll be making some anytime soon, because they CLYW is mainly manufacturing throws that are very popular. Don’t get me wrong, the sasquatch is popular, but it’s not in as high demand as their other yoyos like the Chief, Arctic Circle, Puffin, or Avalanche. I wish it was that easy but it’s not.

I personally love the Sasquatch. I liked it more than my Arctic Circle

Yea, lol.

Thank you

You could always post a ‘looking for’ listing in the BST.


Sound kinda selfish.
CLYW has to make, test, and package every one of those, and they can’t respond to everyone’s needs.