more yoyorecreation and more clyw and more one drop

i feel these r the few of the most underprivilaged but amazing playing brands out there and that yoyoexpert should keep them more in stock if they run out. so they should have enough to meet demand. ive watied after a yoyo comes out and tryed to make the money forit then once i have it it is out of stock so whoever agrees reply to this and say ‘I’


It’s not that simple. Not all companies will have the stock to send to YoYoExpert when they run out. Many companies, such as CLYW, produce limited numbers of their yo-yos and they have several retailers that they need to supply with their product. YYE can’t restock if the stock isn’t available. If it was, don’t you think they would restock popular, reliably selling product immediately? Of course they would…YYE is a business and they’re in this to make money.

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Last I checked yoyoexpert doesn’t make all the products they sell. I’m sure Andre tries to get as many of them as possible, but it is up to the companies to determine when they get shipped to YYE.