Wobbling Vigilante

Hey guys I wanted to ask something If you can answer. I got this vigilante with like no cosmetically damaged way it has just like tiny pinpricks. But it’s wobbling crazy even with a kk. What can I do for tuning it?

Tighten up the axle, it may have gotten loose. Or work on a better throw; I have damaged throws that have no vibe.

Thanks for idea but it didnt work. i gotta say that these pinpricks are not made by playing. i dont even think it’s played. i got this from my friend and we discovered the wobble today. and he said that he sold the axle. and we used phenomizm axle. it fits but this might be the problem. any other ideas?

It could be the axle then but I would assume the phenomizm and vigilante use the same axle. To be honest yoyojam bi-metals are known to not be dead smooth in most cases. I would just play it unless the wobble/vibe is really that bad

yeah i know hybrid models are not smooth, but they dont wobble like dancing :smiley: it’s like waving. the problem is i cant tune it becaue of it’s system :confused: anyway Thanks for the idea maybe someone can help me.

I don’t have one, but looking at the pics on the Shop section here, it looks very much like the original X-Con in shape and construction. It has a lot of rim weight. Yoyos like that require a very good throw. Anything a bit off will cause it to wobble. My guess is it’s your throw rather than the yoyo. You can check it by throwing a good sleeper. Put your thumbnail up to the side edge and gently touch the edge. If it’s your throw, it should stabilize. If it doesn’t then maybe it’s the yoyo.

Thanks for the idea but i’m playing since 4 years, i have Turkish Nats 2nd and had lots of yoyos. And i put Dif-e-yo kk on it. so i dont think its about my throwing =) Im not sure but i started to believe it the axle system has a problem. when put the halves together and starting to tight them, 1 half that i dont put on my hand turns slightly wavy. im not how to explain this but the samething happened to me when i hit my montage 888. btw even i touch the rim -i cant because shakes too much- it doesnt solve anything. I can put a video on it?

Thanks for the idea :slight_smile: -E

So did you hit the floor with it? If it’s wobbling that bad either the axle is bent or it isn’t the right axle, though most YYJ models use the same size if they are of the same vintage.

i’m explaining the whole thing. my friend got this vigilante. he threw like once or twice and stopped playing with it (because he has lots of yoyos.) after then, someone wanted the axle and pads from it and he sold them. yesterday, i wanted the yoyo and he put a new axle (same with phenomizm) and new pads (pads are ok). but when we tried it it was wobbling. and still is. i put off the caps and checked axle and bearing system but it was fine. I didnt hit it anywhere :confused: it’s mint. looks like there is one too tiny spot but that doesnt explain anything :S. I have to search it then. Thanks for the idea. =)

If it played ok for your friend up until he pulled the axle and put in a new one, it has to be something you did putting it back together. Without actually seeing it there’s not a lot more we could tell you at this point. Maybe the pads aren’t seated good. That could cause a wobble.