Tuning a PGM

I have a PGM2 that has an awful vibe that i want to fix. The vibe goes away if i take out the stacks and use a duncan axle, but i might be selling this yo and it needs to be tuned up.
So, here is what’s goin’ on. When i take the yo apart and put the axle in one half then spin the yoyo, it wobbles a LOT. I think this is the problem because when i do this to the other half, it is pretty smooth.

it means u have to change the axle cause ur getting weared out nothing wrong with the stacks it s just the axle u got pick the perfect size axle and replace it

Yeah, just check if everything is OK with the axle.

i wrapped duct tape around the axle and screwed it in. I then took the axle back out and cleaned out the excess tape. This helped fix the vibe a little.

my axle is fine. Are some YYFs vibey when you don’t make the 2 arrows on the rims point to each other?
One of the arrows was gone so i figured that if i tighten it to a perfect tightness it is smooth.

u need to tune it. to do this press the axle on a table straight down. then push the axle back in so the hexagonal piece the hubstack attaches to is back in the correct hole. keep doing this and rotation the axle and hexagon piece untilthe yoyo is as smooth as can be.