i have a pgm2 and wen u pull start it it has a lot of vibe and wobbles how do i fix it

Make sure that the bearings and the hubstacks and the O-Ring is in it’s place and nice and tight. And it should be OK.

ur screwed … lol

the axel is in the stack in wrong way ( i cant explain it o.O )

the only way is removing or changing the axel and the stacks :slight_smile:

That’s not true. It’s probably because he put to much pressure on the hubstack and now it vibes and wobbles when he pull starts it. Just make sure everything is tight and in it’s right place.

I Had a similar problem when I got mine you may want to see if bearing is jammed. Remove the stack check to make sure the bearing spins freely. If it still has a vibe try sanding the inside of the stack (Just a little bit). Can’t explain why that works, but sometimes it does.

ive tried every thing is nice and tight

Define tight. If it’s tight like the stack won’t come off you may need to use pliers to get the stack off.

it is so u can pull off the stacks with ur fingers if u tried

You can pull it off if you really pulled hard. But it’s best just to use pliers.

ya i can take it apart but how do i fix da vibe

I have the same problem with my pgm and i removed the stacks and the vibe stops!

i like stacks tough