WISCONSIN: N.E.W.T. Yo-Yo Club and Galaxy Science and Hobby in Appleton.

Hey everyone from Wisconsin and from afar, I work at Galaxy Science and Hobby (1607 N. Richmond St. Appleton, WI) and we have a small Yo-Yo Club (N.E.W.T. or North Eastern Wisconsin Throwers) that meets every Thursday night at 6 p.m.
Come check it out, and Galaxy Science and Hobby carries YoYoFactory, YoYoJam, Spyy, Foxland Precision, Duncan and Yomega Yo-Yo’s. We also carry various types of string like, Type 12 Hamstring (5 colors), 100% Poly Neon Green Spyy strings, YYJ Poly and Blend Strings.
They also carry non-yo-yo related things, (i.e. RC cars, planes, and boats. Lionel and other brands of Trains and train accessories, Home brew equipment, and entire upstairs level with models and RC stuff. The entire mid level is science, rocketry, yo-yo’s, puzzles, etc. and the entire lower level is trains, (O,HO and other scales) everything you need for your landscapes, buildings, miniature scale people and animals., as well as Slot car stuff.
This really is an amazing little store. But as i said before, we have a Yo-Yo Club and would love to see more people. Like us on Facebook, it’d be greatly appreciated!

I totally need to come to this now that school is out. It is an hour drive for me so it was a bit inconvenient to zip out there. I will definitely have to stop in though!

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Awesome. Hope to see you there.

About what is the skill level here? Is anybody welcomed? I’m an intermediate player, and only live about 5 minutes away

:smiley: All skill levels are welcome, All ages as well. We sometimes have a nice show up sometimes not. Ill send more details via PM :slight_smile:

N.E.W.T. is getting bigger and bigger guys! We now have a SPOT down at the Local Farmers Market here in Appleton where we throw every saturday from 8:30 AM til around Noon.
The Club still meets EVERY Thursday @6PM. Hope to see anyone in the area around!