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A while back there was a really neat thread on which headphones people favor. Well I have two pairs of headphones that I use routinely, but I would love a pair that I could wear more trivially while throwing, and I’ve been thinking about a pair of wireless headphones so that I can listen to music directly from my computer without having to use my phone as an mp3 player. My PC has bluetooth and so they can potentially connect via that, or alternatively by using an external IR source or whatever it is they use these days. The reason for my posting this is that I have owned a pair in the past that were not especially cheap but were absolutely woeful. The quality was appalling, and they only worked if you happened to have your head directly in line with their transmitter. So, has anyone had good experiences with wireless headphones, and could anyone recommend a set?

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The Meelectronics Air Fi’s look great.

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LG-Tone Bluetooth stereo headphones. Best headset I have ever owned.


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I love Beats solos but I can’t afford them so I stick with $5 skull Candy’s.

These are amazing

Both of which are terrible…

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yep I agree hat beats are over price piece junk, buy some beyer dynamics headphones.

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Or Grados, or Sennheisers, or any other reputable brand.

You’ll normally end up sacrificing a good amount of quality when it comes to wireless headphones
I’ve heard good things about a few of the sennheiser pairs so you might wants to look into those

I’d also check out head-fi.org and maybe start a post there

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audio technica vmoda and arguably the sol republics.

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^ He’s right. Wireless do take a little from sound quality. This is because when they send the actual sound through to “air” the files are compressed. Although I’m probably wrong.

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Yeah I mean I’m not too worried about a little loss in audio quality, but I just want continuous audio without dips/drops/additional static during playback. I really appreciate all the people answering these questions, and I may well pick up one of these bluetooth sets. As far as I can tell this is the way to go, so I’ll sift through some reviews and some amazon pages…

So i just wanted to necro this to say that I had a pair of MEElectronics Air-fi headphones arrive today. The headphones aesthetically look OK, and fold up into about half the space they would otherwise take up. I ordered an all black pair which were around $60. They can be used via bluetooth, or as wired headphones and come with the appropriate cables. They are charged through the audio jack socket on the headphones to a regular USB port - but cannot be charged by a high voltage USB plug such as those used on phones/e-readers etc. This may be a bit of an issues longer term, but regardless they only take a couple of hours to fully charge. The only thing I noticed immediately is that they don’t sit too tightly on your head which is something that an online retailers reviews noted. It’s not too shabby though but may be an issue when exercising and that one dirty dubstep tune you love comes on. Ohh and they’re crazy to pair with your device of choice, in my case my PC. Now I can have headphones on while I throw!!!

The audio quality through the cable isn’t too shabby, but is significantly reduced over bluetooth. Again, if you’re buying wireless headphones you know this’ll happen, and actually it doesn’t make it unlistenable or anything like it because with the cable plugged in the audio is actually pretty decent, so even when used wirelessly it’s certainly passable. The range is pretty decent too, although like a lot of modern headphones for the bass is a little overdriven with respect to the rest of the sound.

EDIT: For all you people wanting good audio out there, wirelessly the compression induces a distortion only when there is sound - unlike old-skool wireless headphones which produced constant static. In this case it’s like the sound is being overdriven through a pair of old cams - that kind of faint background rattle/static when there is sound.

All told for the price, these thus far have been a really pretty sound purchase. Exactly what I was after. So thanks to all of you for your help.