Wing Cut and treated 10 balls

Working on a few for someone. Special request.
I’ve done them before, they come out pretty nice.

Wow. Sounds like perfection x10
@Sniffyo on twitter

Yes these ones are nice, they are manufactured by Dynaroll Bearings.

Are you working on them for a Yoyo manufacturer? If so, can you discuss it?
@Sniffyo on twitter

They were some of the ones I treated in the past for String Theory.

Oh. I have one of those. If I remember correctly its flat, correct?
@Sniffyo on twitter

Yes they were but some want them cut.

Ah. That will surely be great.
I’ll have to pull mine out and pop it into what I’m throwing these days.
@Sniffyo on twitter

If you want I’ll wing cut it for you.