Win a new MFD Yo-yo! Online contest, deadline Sunday!

What this time?
Art Contest
Give us your best bad ass monkey in any creative artistic medium. (drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, baking, video, song, photo, fibre, ceramics, whatever) Then email them to we will post all submissions together in an album to be voted on by all of you. The winner will win a MFD Throw not sure which one yet…You have until this sunday night to email us your submissions. It’s wide open so take a chance anyone can win.

Enjoy! PM me if you have questions, or message MonkeyfingeR Design on Facebook.

Did I mention you could win a free yoyo? By making art!

May have to enter this.

Is deadline sunday the 10th??


Last chance, deadline is tonight at Midnight!

Woah not a lot of time. IMO you should have a contest last longer than 3 days. Rushing to get something done often affects the quality.

I agree entirely, unfortunately it wasn’t my call, I’m just the messenger. Either way, you still have time, so see what you can put together!

Midnight which time zone?

Mountain time I believe, but I"m sure there will be a few hours grace if needed. Just mention in your email that it wasn’t clear in my post.

Emailed! Mine’s horrible but I had a laugh making it.

Sent, I suck at drawing, lol

My origami monkey entry

That’s pretty sweet! I’m glad a few people entered. I entered yesterday and wasn’t sure if anyone else was going to :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I want to see everyone else’s entries!

I entered too. I made up a song.

Thats fantastic!

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That is pretty cool. Why didn’t I think of that?

Thanks! Lol, I was making origami earlier today, so the thought was fresh in my mind.

Thats awesome, make sure you email it!