Win a MonkeyfingeR CaesaR (giveaway concluded)

UPDATE- So we have broke 100 comments which is awesome but it seems 250 was too high of a mark to hit for my first giveaway. So I will be selecting the winner on the same date as the Kendama giveaway (28th) found here: the kaleb side kick pro review and giveaway should also be up by the end of the week. So if you have yet to enter for these there is still some time to get in on this.

It seems a lot of people are having issues getting my video on yoyoskills to open in YouTube to enter to win. So I opened the video up to the public and an going to share the link here with the YoYoExpert community.
-Simply open the link
Subscribe to my channel
Thmbs up
And leave a relevant comment

There is plenty of time to enter to win! Winner will be drawn at 250 comments Feb 28th  so your chances of winning are extremely good.

-Good Luck!

P.S. U.S. residents only for this contest, sorry. If you live elsewhere but have a friend or family address stateside I can ship to that is fine.

I’ve never bumped nything on general forum, but there is a first time for everything lol.
If you have have already entered up for this make sure you get your buddies to too!
The faster we hit 250 the faster you have a chance at winning!!!

hmmmm looks like you already hit 250 in the middle of the day…

It’s 250 comments, not views, so you can still enter :slight_smile:

dang it! that’s going to take forever some YT videos don’t even get that high especially when its a yoyo video.

Its at 33 comments. This might take a while.

It should start getting more comments now.
At first I had it unlisted and the only way the video was accessible was through
People were having trouble opening it in YouTube “hence the 250 views but only 35 comments” the video has now been open to the public via search and also here on YoYoExpert and monkeyfingers Facebook. If you have any other channels to share this video through I am 100% cool with that. For future giveaways I will try to keep the entry level a little lower or use a timeline method.

Yeah I think it’s gonna take a while, usually there’s not a ton of comments. Maybe 100 was good, even though it seems low. I’m going to help share it and get it on its way, hopefully it will pick up steam soon

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Thanks a lot bro! Anyone else that has an outlet to plug into it is very appreciated. This was my first giveaway and is really helping me test the waters, if it works out good there will be plenty more to come. Sometime next weeks I am going to have a Kendama video up and a Kendama to hold in a giveaway too!

Very nice of you to do this giveaway. I might have to do one of my own sometime.

Go for it bro!
My whole thing with this giveaway was that MonkeyFinger was awesome enough to throw me this CaesaR to review, and everyone in the community is so great and welcoming, so I just thought it was a nice way for me to give back in a small way. But I mean it’s not all selfless, the YouTube subscribers are nice too :wink:

Okay guys so comments doubled overnight, so I was super excited to see that this morning. Still plenty of time to enter :wink:

Left a comment, keep 'em rolling in everybody!

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Lol 250 might be a little much mate.

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yeah maybe like 50 or 75…

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Well, as of right now we are at 70 coments, but, there are 325 views.
So, even if 25 people watched the video twice, if everyone that watched the video would have commented, the giveaway would be over already lol, so 250 isn’t completely unrealistic.

  • We will see where we are in a week and if we are not close to the goal of 250 I will set a date instead of a number.
    -but, I am defaintly taking notes to make the next one quicker and painless for everybody, so it’s a good learning expriance :slight_smile:

I only see about 40

You have to scroll downs and let them load buddy, then go back up and it will shown he full number. YouTube sometimes takes a while to sync in full comments/likes/views
I once had a video that had over 200 views but when you searched it showed 0 views, stayed like that for weeks actually. Here is a screen shot of the full number of comments.
-also, I posted the video on the throwers sub-reddit so it will be getting more traffic. So if you are a member over there it would really help if you can upvote it :wink:

Sorry, don’t have a youtube account, so I figured I’d reply here… Subbed to ur channel though

still time or did I miss it?