Will you get points deducted if you...


Will you get points deducted if you dont use a break away to get into a side mount or double or nothing? I hate using breakaways cuz you have to bind the opposite of a normal bind can anybody help? Thanks in advance

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If you’re doing a freestyle, absolutely not. If you’re in a sports ladder, MAYBE. I could see why a judge would penalize a player for not getting into a double or nothing from a break away. But someone who’s more experienced in sport ladder would have to tell you.


Are you new to binding? Cuz backspin binds are just natural after a few weeks…


I’ve seen similar questions posted regarding throwing a breakaway and I’ve always been a bit confused.

Does this mean that when you mount a trapeze or double or nothing that the yoyo is spinning counterclockwise when you look at it? (assuming you throw right handed)

It seems that things tricks like magic drop would be impossible as they rely on a string rejection… which relies on the direction of the spinning yoyo.

Someone please clear this up for me because I feel I’m missing something.


Yea, thats what they mean… Basically a front throw but sideways inside of doing a breakaway


Magic Drop is doable from a front throw. I figured that out a couple of weeks ago, you just have to do it slower because of the direction it’s spinning. It doesn’t look awkward either, just saying!


Alexis JV throws like that and he does well in competitions. So no, I doubt you would get penalized.


No im not i have been binding for more than a year i was just wondering cuz i hate breakaways some of my tricks will not look as fluid if i do a breakaway


If you just practice using breakaways for a while…


Aw jeez, there’s been a whole thread full of angry people arguing over this. Let the guy do what he feels is best for him. And to answer the OP’s question, I would not think that any points would be deducted.


Thanks man your a good guy

I have im good at breakaways i just dont like them