Will toothpaste+denim take me any further than dis?

I dont have any toolz or machinery for auto spinning for that matter, so unfortu have to try this w bare hands alone.
Just want to know if it s feasible to eventually remove all visible scratches with this level of derpic anti-pro setup.

I’d start with some sandpaper, probably 200-300 grit wet/dry paper (used wet), then move to 400. Go higher again if you’re not tired of it by then. Finish off with a metal polish.

wat do you mean
The one in the pics were already 1200 paper plus more than 10 cycles of toothpaste with denim
r u saying that it doesnt look like the product from this procedure at all and i totally scrwed up?

Well you didn’t say that. You asked about toothpaste and rags. You made it sound like you were just starting off.
How was anyone to know.

So have at it with more toothpaste then.

DERP !!!

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You should even up the scratches first before polishing, otherwise it will take very very long time with metal polish it’s not even worth it. I personally would use drill and start over with sandpaper but without any power tool I don’t know. Theoretically it’s possible by only using metal polish but it will take too long even with power tools, imagine doing it manually.
Toothpaste is not metal polish replacement. Metal polish even if it’s abrasive only remove very little, toothpaste… barely abrasive. Try Autosol if you can find one, it’s the one I use and very cheap like $2 a tube.

by wat? Finer sandpaper or

by using drill lol
I can never get nice surface from manual sanding, maybe it’s just me. It’s easy to get shiny surface with like 400 grit on a drill, but I can hardly do similarly even with a lot higher grit with manual sanding.

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you need to start with a lower grit and work your way up slowly. toothpaste and a pair of jeans arent polishing tools.

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Try some Melaleuca Tooth Polish with fluoride. Works like a charm.

Combined with


Tooth polish actually exist?
You learn something new everyday.

Check this video out you will learn a lot about polishing.

someprogress, sandpaper marks still very visible.

90% sure he was joking… just 90

Gatorade and Kitty Chow helps with those marks. Keep using denim.

wait did u actually use tooth polish?