will the yoyoguy silicon O-rings fit a Dv888?

At yoyoguy.com it shows in the upgrades section that they have silicon o-rings. Would they fit in a Dv888?

Just buy a bottle of flowable silicone at an auto store and use that. A lot cheaper, you save on shipping and a bottle lasts forever.

i already have a bottle of it, and i put it in ny Dv888, and now it’s really responsive, and it’s totally flush. Will it fit yes or no?

If the installation was recent it may need to be broken in, and I don’t know if that o-ring will fit

no it wasn’t recent

Dv888’s stock response is the K-Pad, which is silicone.

The problem probably isn’t that you didn’t make it flush, but that you got Silicone in the bearing seat.

Maybe try scratching some of it out to see if that helps.

First of all flush silicone will be somewhat responsive.
you need it to be concave.

Also you might have bits of silicone in the bearing.

I siliconed my DV888 and it was perfectly unresponsive.

Just take your time when doing is and break the silicone in a bit.

Remember Flush is bad.

I used some spare Kpads I had for my lunatic (which I believe is 888 sized) in my new breed, so I would think the reverse is true.

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