Custom Response system? NOT Flowable Silicone. (tested on DV888)

Well I lost my response pads to my new DV888 and I needed to come up with something in a pinch here. I had recently bought this 382 pc. o-ring kit from Harbor Freight tools. I know that there are some yoyos out there with O-ring response systems so I thought “hmmm maybe I could make my own.” So I grabbed the kit and started seeing what was the best fit. I found that the 9/16" size o-rings (#113 in the kit) fit just perfect. The only problem was that they are round and smooth.

 So now it's dremel time. I took a dremel with a grinding/sharpening bit on it and went to work with the oring in the groove in the 2011 DV888 (be careful if you do it this way you can slip and scratch up the yoyo) I ground down both sides of each o-ring and tried it out (this process took about 10 mins per o-ring). 

At first it didn’t work to well because there was still a bunch of residue left on the o-rings from grinding them down, but now after they have been in it for a few days and all the residue is gone they work GREAT! I’d have to say better than flowable silicone (I havent tried sili in the DV888 though) Another thing that I like about this is that you can grind the orings down as far as you want to make them have more grip or less.

I have added a picture of the types of bits that worked the best for me.

Leave the glue residue from the previous response pads in the groove to hold the o-rings.

After grinding down the orings rinse them off or wipe them down.

Wear a mask when using the dremel. The rubber orings put a very fine powder in the air that is not good for you.


Don’t try to cut the oring in half with a razor blade thinking that will work. It most likely wont and you will probably cut yourself (i did).

Don’t set the dremel too fast it will just melt the rubber.

Don’t try this unless you are willing to take FULL responsibility of any damage you may cause to your product or yourself. I AM NOT responsible for any damage this may cause. Always mod at your own risk.

I like this because it is faster than doing the flowable silicone mod and you don’t have to wait 24 hours for the sili to cure/dry.

How much were the o-rings?

Right now they are on sale for $7.99. Harbor Freight is always REALLY cheap and they always have coupons and sales and what not.



you can cut the orings with a razor blade… I did with my lyn fury.


I tried that but these are CHEAP o-rings so it was all uneven or I would cut all the way through by the end of it. I tried 4 different types of Razors and 2 different xacto knives. I found the dremel to work the best though.


here are the sharpening/grinding bits:

I used the brand name Dremel bits on mine though

I will let everyone know if I find a thickness that works the best.