well im fairly new at yoyoing, so i was wonderging if i can just glue an o-ring back in place and if i can with what? I hav an extra par but id rather not use them yet

they will fall out very quickly, ive tryed

What kind of yoyo is it - a YYJ?
Is the o-ring the flat silicone kind or the round rubber type?

You can use contact cement or super glue to tack down the flat silicone type. The round rubber one should just be held in w/friction.

its a new nova from yoyo factory, as for type im not to sure

It has CBC “Slim Pad” flat sili
I wouldnt use super glue mabe use a tiny bit of rtv or you could just fill it in with flowable sili and forgert about the stock pads

What he said. Buy some flowable or rtve sillicon from the dollar store or a hardware store. It’s really cheap and last for ages. You might want to look at some tutorials before applying it though.