Will I enjoy the Hummingbird after the Blockade?

So I saw that the Hummingbird was getting a restock in some colorways that I really love. I’ve long heard many good things about the yoyo and was wondering if I should get one. My absolute favorite yoyo that I have is a 2sick yoyos Blockade that I bought off of the bst and I really love how it has such insane spin time and stability as well as its slightly organic feel from the thick curved rims. On the other hand i did not enjoy my friend’s Yoyofriends Peregrine as it felt like it lacked spin time and just felt less fun somehow. With this in mind, in your opinion, would I enjoy a Hummingbird and if not, can you recommend a yoyo that’s similar to the Blockade? Thanks!


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Looking at the blockade and the hummingbird I would say that they play very different I used to have a hummingbird and it was great but it’s designed with performance as it’s main goal.

I haven’t played the blockade but it does remind me of the anomaly by yo-yo recreation . It’s one of my favorite YoYos . Has a touch of organic comfort and lots of stability and spin time.

Pingo, I owned all and can agree to all above.

Hummingbird is a nice throw, but it’s primary goal ain’t relaxed throwing - even though the bird can take a slower pace.

The blockade is indeed a super nice, still underrated throw. If you like the combination of Bi Metal and a relaxed organic throw - I‘d like to encourage you to consider the Yoyopalace Journey…. It’s pure awesomeness in terms of play - yet of course a more organic shape than the Blockade….!

Just my 0,02$


Very true, something I should really consider when choosing a new yoyo

Wow the Anomaly looks amazing! But that price does hurt a bit lol. I think I’ll put it on my wishlist and slowly save up some yoyo money until a big sale or something so I don’t feel guilty for purchasing it. Somehow the moment it crosses 150, even if its only 40 more, it’s a whole nother ball park for my budget. Thank you for the recommendation though.

I really love the overall shape and look of the Journey. Definitely something I will consider. It’s also interesting that it has so many competitions on it as a design. I think I’ll hold off on purchasing anything for now in this case and wait a while longer for a sale

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Interesting that you all are getting an organic feel from the Blockade. I play almost exclusively organic yoyos and have owned a Blockade. To me it feels like a straight up V/H performance bimetal. The 2Sick Grandmaster would be more in-line with an organic shape.

Yeah the Grandmaster is more organic. However, when I play with the Blockade, the wide edges of the yoyo before the steep cut to the bearing seat is large enough and curved enough to feel slightly organic. So for me it just feels nice to play with

You get what you pay for. With the Anomally, that means superior performance; while still maintaining the organic feel and play-style.

Just a fair warning, the Grandmaster is a thumper. Not sure what it is, but compared to every other 2Sick I’ve had (Promotion, Endgame, and Blockade) it really wants to show my hand who’s boss. I love it so much, but I have giant hands. If you can find one, definitely snag it. And if it’s the all black or red/black color, I’ll trade you for my Supercharger version :smiley:

This is spot on the journey is a great all around throw with a great feel on the catch


Ha I actually haven’t owned one and I think when he said blockade I was thinking about the grandmaster .

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Lol yeah the Grandmaster would definitely be more similar to the Anomaly, like you had mentioned

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The YYR Anomaly is probably my favorite YYR yoyo. It isn’t very wide and it doesn’t look like a performance throw, but hoo boy does it perform!

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