Wildwood Yoyos Appreciation Thread

@Eric_Newlin shared in the Fixed Axle Discord that today marks one year since he decided to venture into making rad wooden fixies for all of us.

So to celebrate and show appreciation for the good dude, I’m starting this thread.
Cheers, Eric! Excited for what’s yet to come.

Come share your awesome Wildwood yoyos and stories!


Here’s my very modest Wildwood collection.

The Gnomad and a Butterfly.

Looking forward to whatever @Eric_Newlin turns out next!


My single WildWood. Hope to grab another!


@Eric_Newlin is an amazing maker. He has helped me through some difficult times with his craft. Here is my collection.


My first wood fixie is a Wildwood Gnomad.

Received it just in time for Fixed Axel Februrary 2023. Enjoyed the Adventure till…

Had the Yoyo in my side carpenter pocket while doing chores around our small ranch.

Mr. Eric saw the post and offered to fix it. I proceeded to send it out in the mail.

There was some great communication and experimentation during its return visit to Mr. Eric. Research and Development if you will. Different materials were tried for a new axel along with a thicker diameter.

My “Repaired” Gnomad is home. Love the Bandaid Tattoo it received. The halves were purposely glued together misaligned. Per Mr. Eric, this is where it played best.

Thank you Sir! Cant wait for the opportunity to get another wood from you.

Have fun.


This is where i would put my wildwood throw if I had one

Jokes aside really hoping to get my hands on one at some point.


The bandaid is such a beautiful detail. Makes it extra special. Love it.


Love both of these so much. The.Gnomad is the only fixie I’m taking on my family cruise tomorrow.


Thanks everyone for such nice words on my wood-iversary :grin:. You all are so kind! I read these comments while working in my mad scientist lab. Right now, there is some beech and rosewood transforming into yo-yos. And some purpleheart and Osage Orange on deck.

Cheers to yoyo joy and throwin’ wood in particular.


Love my walnut guy!

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Will there be any gnomads available soon? I’ve been itchin’ for a fixie.

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Got this Gnomad end of 2022 and proceeded to destroy the axle during fixed axle february 2023. String broke on a hard sleeper atempting spirit bomb, and it flew into the floor, wall and other assorted hard objects. It fell apart when i picked it up, yikes! Eric offered to fix it up for me and put in a thicker diameter hickory axle. I argue it plays even better now. The little bloodwood next to it was my raffle prize for FAF. It plays great, undersized but has good weight still with such dense wood. Im excited to see what comes next with his latest equipment and cad designs.


Bless you and everyone else who’s been patiently waiting (and waiting and waiting :joy:). I’ll send an email out in the next week or so when they’re ready. I just put another set of pucks in the “to-be-glued/assembled” box.


I’m so glad you like the new axle. It’s my new standard, and I agree about it playing even better. :grin: More durable and better response for 0a.


My One and only, for now