Wild one (must see)

just a little video i made yesterday for whip string comments and constructive critisism is greatly appreiciated

it was ok, i don’t know why i (must see) it, but the pen trick was cool.

i might just have to say yes!

you might want to shorten your 2a string, that will make it alot easier

It was ok. A change in scenary would have been nice.

ehhhhh I don’t see how that was a “must see”… the pen spinning was neat though.

the only thing i liked was the pen spinning.

wow that pen thing was awesome!!!

i put must see becuase of the pen thing i will do one at the end of most of my vids now and um johnny rocks or what ever your name is i asked for comment and cunstuctive critisism not negativity if thats all you liked the just put i liked the pen spin. thanks guys my next vid will be 1a and 3a

dude first get better at one type of tricks like 1A then move to another one like 2A. the pen thing was cool. the background was not good and i think i speak for almost everybody when i say that picture tricks are not that great :smiley:

okay apperently we were confused when i said comments please dont tell me what to put in my vidi did that on purpose i am making segments and dude please delete your p[ost and the backround doesnt matter
and i did two pic tricks cuz it was offstirng and 2a

Background does matter. Location, Location, Location.
I must say this was not very interesting.
Try getting smoother. Don’t have light behind you.
Pen spinning was ok.
Put some more effort in videos, it’ll make people want to watch them.

hey guys umm no it doesnt i made a vid to show my skills not to entertain now if i wanted to put alot alot alot of of effort in then yes i would of found somewhere

Do you think people would want to watch if it’s a sloppily made video?
Just saying.

love the 4a.

:o im amazed at how similar our 2a styles are lol.

Overall the tricks were… okay. try stopping the recording when you finish a throw so we don’t have to see you try to get a good throw. also in order to get a more profesional video try editing out some of the tricks where you messed up. 1 more thing, try to not repeat the same trick over and over, unless you are trying to stress the coolness ( is that a word?) of the trick.
If you think I’m being too negetive, say so.

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