WICKED CLYW Peak 3 Pic! =)

sweet pic i took of my peak 3 i just acquired…AMAZING thing is, it is the same one i bought and sold about 3 years ago! =D


Pretty cool, man.

But why does everyone’s Peak look better than mine? D:

better camera? =P

Sweet shot man! Now lemme holla at that Yeti.

OMG OMG OMG I was dying for a green acid splash 3rd run for years, and I even messaged you about that one (on YYN this past year) since I saw you used to own it. That’s pretty awesome that you’ve got it back!!!

…and if you ever ever ever think about getting rid of it, please let me know first! I’ve never seen any of the green 3rd runs for sale. Except… I guess this was the one on ebay recently. :’( :slight_smile:

Great score!

That is one good looking peak! And dang, that’s cool how you were able to get the peak back that you sold 3 years ago. Talk about luck!