DONE Remove please

I have a peak in excellent condition.

[s]The biggest want I have is the chief stated at the top. its from the latest release. Id trade straight up for it. orange with blue speckle

Offer what you think is fair!

All offers welcome.

More pics if you want can be sent to your email.

offer me any chief
Also offer a genesis plus cash or code 2 plus cash[/s]

modified and added pics

what yoyo is that

That doesn’t look like the Peak’s profile. It doesn’t have those flattened rims like the one in the picture.

It is indeed a 3rd tun peak. Im guessing the lighting is accentuating the rims

Sorry for the create bump but there are now new wants

again sorry for the extra bump but i just wanted to put up a nicer pic, its not mine but its the same yoyo