wich yo-yo sleeps longer and does string sticks better

the legacy the maverick or the grind machine I realy need to make up mind about these yo-yos wich one

if you are a beginner i suggest the maverick
if you are an intermediate player i suggest the legacy/grind machine

also, all of these will sleep for long periods of time depending on your throw
and all of these are good string trick yoyos.its just your preference.

Why is the Maverick for beginners?

Just pick the one you think you’ll like more.

i think the maverick spins longer.

They can all sleep equally well, especially with a good throw.

Yoyo4show, I know it may seem like a difficult decision, but just pick one. I’m sure you’ll like whichever you choose, but if you don’t, you can trade/sell it.

If you really think you can’t decide, flip a coin or roll a die or something.

Hmmm. String Sticks… Hmmmmm. I can’t do string sticks.

Maverick…,but first silicone it :slight_smile:

This won’t do anything to your sleep time.

You can’t? What’s wrong with you?! :stuck_out_tongue: