Why does the small competition bag that hold 8 yoyos and has a compartment for string and other things cost less than the small bag that only holds four and has a compartment?

I would assume it is because it has a lot more materials, pockets etc.

Or it’s just weird.

Maybe I’m weird. :wink:

I have the yoyoexpert medium bag and it is a very HIGH QUALITY bag! Very well made and is very sturdy. This might be the reason they are more pricey.

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The small bag is really high quality and sturdy. Not to mention the design is more difficult to develop in factories for it’s more specific.

Also, this bag is way more convenient than the competition bag for it is used to carry yo-yos in a casual everyday fashion compared to the other bag. At first I thought it was a weird thing too but after my friend bought one I noticed why exactly it’s more expensive. It’s really really really really handy!!!


I guess you could think about it like cheese, the more holes piece of cheese has, the less cheese there is! So the more cheese you have, the more holes are there, therefore, the more cheese you have, the less cheese you have.

what did I just read?


My son has the 8-throw competition bag. With the shoulder strap, it’s nice and convenient.

I use the YYE 4-pocket medium bag. I like it much better. 4 pockets holds 4, I can easily put 4 in the large pocket, then hang a 4A via a bungee holder(YYF) on the outside. Nice! I carry it on me daily when I take my kids to school and pick them up. They bike, I inline skate.