Why? Why are yoyos doing this?

Why are all yoyos so awesome? I have 150$ and icant decide. Firstly was hmm, remnant and ministar! Then it was pro and protostar! Now I’m thinking 888x and xcon. I love and hate this at the same time. Now, for why it’s in the help/ reccommendaton section, what do you think of the xconvict? I have metals, will it compare? Is it vibey like my dmv1? Should I even get it?

If you think you want the X-ConVict, get it. It’s a great yoyo.

X-con is fine, it’s a little less smooth than metals, but yyj (i think) pretty much fixed that with the x-con pro or whatever it’s called.

That called the hitman pro. Different than X-con. But anyway X convict is supposively awesome! Heres a video compared to a peak!

The X-COnVict is a good throw, but there are way better choices to choose from. If you have $150, get a good yoyo that you’ll use for a long time. The 888x you were considering is a GREAt option its stable smooth and has very nice play. You were considering the MiniStar, which is like, my favorite yoyo, and If you have the option to get one (I still think there is a few here actually) definitely get one. They are extremely rare. So yeah, those are only a few options but definitely if you have the money buy a really good yoyo.

How big is a ministar? I think it may be too small. Is it like a dv888, or a mighty flea?

its a playable size, personally, I do not like it, it is a learning yoyo, not a comp yoyo. It will make hops harder due to the small size/no giant catch zone. But when you learn a trick on a ministar, you will be able to do it even better on another yoyo.


It’s not really much smaller than the DV888, but it would also feel smaller than it really is compared to a DV888. It’s a good yoyo, and if you are a decent yoyoer, you should be able to use it for anything (even competitions) pretty easily.

I just got a basslope in a trade and it is my favorite yoyo for now. you can see my other favorites in my favorite yoyo part of my profile, but the bassalope is the best out of those

If you have 150 get a genesis 135 and a protostar hen get some bearings lube string etc.