Why no YYJ Karma at YYE?


The YoyoJam Karma is a great yoyo.

I was at Nationals this year and was there when YYJ was setting up their table. These was a line already forming to buy the few Karma’s that were for sale there. I have seen it was available at World’s and can be found through a few small sites; if you look hard enough (that is where I found mine :-))

But I have to wonder when YYE will be selling the YYJ Karma - and why has it taken so long?


place online selling them are probley selling the worlds edition yyj probley is still in the proccess of making the initial run


They actually JUST arrived end of this week! Working on pictures now and they will be available early this coming week! They look just awesome! YoYoJam made custom runs for those who wanted to order them - some were available after Worlds but for some reason we were not offered them at that time!


I can’t wait to se them :slight_smile:


The last I heard was a few weeks ago. You guys said they “just arrived” - so when do we get to see them?

(Y yo?2 yo.) #6

I was thinking that at the very end of my small yoyo-assaulted head…


Sorry for the delay. We actually now have two colors (red and blue) - should be online early this week (Monday/Tuesday).