New YYJ stuff?

I just stumbled across this on youtube -

And I thought wow! these look great! Then I saw a link to yoyostorerewinde and they had them. When will they be available here?

And if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it.

I’m really looking forward to the Quest. I know what you are talking about with the other store. I wonder if they actually had a release of these new yoyojams or if they just have the product pages set up in anticipation of release. I’d love to hear some more info about these new yoyojam throws.

The Classic and Inspire are out now. The Trigger and Diamondback should be September sometime. The Quest is later this year sometime. AJ’s yoyo is targeted for US Nationals. The Alliance is likely never going to full release.

Different stores took the left over stock from Worlds which is why you might have seem some for sale at some stores.


Thank you for the info Nathan, I really look forward for the Diamondback. I hope it comes out really soon :slight_smile:

I love the Alliance! I really want one of those yyj titaniums though.

Thanks for the info. Now I can start planning my next purchases…Trigger then Quest. I hope the Quest comes out sooner rather than later this year, I really wish I had thought to check for stores with stock from worlds.

The alliance looks so cool!! :o

Just noticed on the yoyoexpert blog: diamondback 9/20 and trigger 9/27. Definitely jumping on a blue trigger, glad they are coming in different colors than what I’ve seen up till now.