Why no proper finger loop?


Howcome there is no product out there which would replace the slip knot around the finger? Could you not attach a canvas type loop to the string and then to the finger?
Would that work?
Is there such a thing out there?


There might be one, but I don’t think there is enough demand in the yoyoing world to precipitate that kind of a product


The two main problems I see with that are that it would be difficult to make one that would actually be secure, and that it’d be a bit clunkier than the slip knot. I imagine it would also reduce the feel you’d have for the movement of the yoyo.



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it


Unless it an Apple device


Actually there was a guy that made wooden yoyos and also a leather finger strap that the string attached to. Always looked kind of clunky and cumbersome to me. I can’t find the website anymore.


Well they do make them, and they suck. They don’t stay on your finger well and you risk just flat out throwing the yoyo off your finger. Also they don’t stop the string from rotating on your finger. so you end up with the string coming from a different spot on your finger for each throw, which is no good.
I see lots of super cheap yoyos (normally pegged ones) with something like this. or one of those plastic rings. Neither work well.
just use some sports tape if you want more protection for your finger. micropor tape, and elastickon are both very good. I think they are both johnson and johnson products.

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In that case, you’re gonna need to fix it soon anyways…


A string finger loop is very minimalistic, allows easy string length adjustment, and if you have a string, you have the material to make one.


I can’t imagine being so lazy that I don’t want to tie a knot in a piece of string. If you have to attach such a thing to your string, I would imagine that you’re tying a knot during that process as well.