Why Metal?

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I am not asking for your favorite metal yo-yo or anything, but I just want to know, why is a metal throw better than a metal-rimmed or plastic one? What is so special? I’m not saying I have anything against them and I’m planning on getting a Dv888 soon but I just was wondering! Why? ???


They’re more balanced, smoother, stronger, and just generally constructed better.

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No offense but you said it yourself, Samad, what happened to “no yoyo is better than the other?”


To be fair, he didn’t say it was better, just that it was constructed better.

Metals have the ability to be much heavier and denser than plastic so they can be smaller and still weigh as much. Also metal is generally much smoother for grinds. Also, the reason they are constructed better than bi-metals is that these are one piece for each half as opposed to two on the bi-metals.

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No offense, but that was extremely invalid.

Metal tends to be more durable, and more versatile.


Gosh everyone is bombing me just because I contradicted Samad. Sheesh I sorry


not only what was previasly mentioned, metals grind better

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Well, what you said didn’t really make sense, so they said something. No ones mad at you, I’ve seen way worse.


We’re just correcting you on a few things. It’s not because you contradicted the Almighty Samad :stuck_out_tongue: it’s just because he did have it right. Sorry if we sounded like we hate you or something. We don’t at all.


OK I happy now. :smiley:

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I think since we all understand each other now, we can all get back on topic. :wink:


i thought the same thing and just decided to buy one. (dv888) and although you can do all the same things on a metal rimmed one i think metals just outperform them. the grinds are amazingly better and i feel that it has much higer precision when being made.
if you are wondering if it is worth the money, that depends on you. if you feel like you are ready for a metal, then go for it. if you do not see yourself following through with yoyoing then i dont know if i would do it.
personally i feel metals just make for a better throw.


Just to be clear on some things. Delrin has about the same weight as 6061 aluminum. If you made a milk out of aluminum with the exact same specs, I’m not entirely sure it would be as heavy as its delrin counterpart.

Thought you aughta know. faints And the line was from?



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This is the exact reason why i like metals a lot more. After using my hectic and M1, i feel like im throwing a huge block of plastic when im throwing my legacy. I really like the undersized heavy yoyos, and that is only possible with metal (even plastic weighted just can’t compare).