difference between yoyo

hi guys, i hav tis question of wats the difference between metal yoyo and plastic yoyo?

  1. why is it that metal yoyo generally sleep longer than plastic yoyo?
  2. isn’t metal denser than plastic, why can both a metal yoyo and plastic yoyo weigh around 60-70g??

yup, i suppose thats all, do hope that u guys can explain and let me understand the science behind it:)

I’m not really sure why metal tends to spin longer than plastic, but it might have something to do with there being more plastic so that the weight can’t be concentrated (sp) at the rims as much. That is also how they can weigh the same: there is more plastic put into many of them, or some have some extra weight, such as metal rings, in them.

  1. Normally, when the yoyo slows its spin, it’s because the string is rubbing on the edges of the yoyo or the response. Metal is generally smoother than plastic, so it loses spin to friction slower. Metals usually have a wider gap too, so it doesn’t rub the response as much. Also, most metals use recessed/flushed silicone response, unlike plastics which usually use starbursts/o-rings/friction stickers that stick out. PGM’s are exceptions though, they are very much like metals.

  2. Not necessarily. Different types of metals have different densities. The plastic yoyos are usually made of celcon or delrin, which is very dense and heavy. So the weights are very variable. Also, the plastic yoyos can have very thick walls, while the metals can have thin walls.

I hope i answered your questions ;D

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Metal is harder, lasts longer, and can ding/scratch easier than most plastics. If you ding it, you will hear a loud ding.


Plastic is hard, but not as hard. Som finishes can get peeled off if you’re not careful. Can chip/dent as metal, but easier. If you ding it, you hear a thunk.


Metal does usually sleep longer. Most YoYoJam yoyos use metal rims, like the Dark Magic, New Breed, Black Knight, and more. Metal is heavier and weighs it down more to keep it going.


Plastic can sleep, but mostly not as long because theres nothing to weigh it down.

Just remember for the sleep times, its how you throw it, not depending mostly on the yoyo.

Metal: Usually the yoyos like YoYoJam are started off with full plastic, then fitted with metal rims which make it heavier. About, a guess, 10 grams.


It mostly depends on which yoyo. Derlin plasic can be a lot heavier than YoYoJam plastic. (Mabye) All are different. If a yoyo is full plastic, or a molding cover, being hollow inside.

That is contradicting lol. You say that metal can ding/scratch easier than most plastics, but you say that plastic can chip/dent as metal, but easier ???

I really think that plastics are near indestructable, I’ve whacked my lyn on the floor billions of times playing 4a, and there are no visible scratches.

As for my meteor/Dark Magic/Hitman, just a small touch on the floor will get it a scratch.

Metal can ding/scratch very easily.

Plastic, can ding/scratch easily, but not as easy as metal.

i tot some metal yoyo weigh the same as the plastic one?

Delrin is the same as Celcon just Celcon is molded. Also, plastics are harder to get a consistent weight distribution.

Thats not what you said in your original post.

And plastics really don’t get scratched easily, unless you’re playing on concrete or sand paper, which is unlikely.

Oh, duh. Sorry, got them mixed up for a second. :-X I meant metal is easier to.