Why isn't the entheos sold out yet?


Seriously people, I thought it would sell out more quickly than it is. I got mine in the mail today and it is seriously one of the best yoyos I have ever played. I have yet to find any cons whatsoever about it.


I would’ve bought it if shipping wasn’t 20 bucks to Canada. No idea why it costs so much… other stores are only 6 dollars.


Because there were like 50 of them in total


General-Yo hype died out, that’s why.


Fools gold avalanche dropped, BvM restock, Cheif drop, Cheif restock and redrop. There is alot of buying going on with all of those yoyos being released and restocked so alot of people just don’t have the funds to buy again…me included, hehe. Probably a bad time to drop another yoyo because of all the others doing it and money drying up quickly.


Because the DV888 costs half as much.


Exactly, just bought a chief, so even though I want an Entheos it will have to wait.