Why isn't the CLYW Canvas sold on YYE?

I was just wondering why the Canvas isn’t sold on YYE?

CLYW made it exclusively to be sold on their store. Just to add to the excitement of its rarity.

oh ok not to excited that I have to pay $15 for shipping for one but at least I’m getting one ::slight_smile:

It will also take 2-3 weeks to get to you.

Living in Australia, I’m used to paying much more than $15 for shipping XD


2-3 WEEKS! i dont know if i can wait that long…

Dont worry more like 8-15 days, 4-10 plus clyw takes FOREVER to ship out in the first place

I put 2-3 weeks because I remember Chris saying it would take a few days for him to ship it out.

Yeah, somehow it takes like 6 days to ship a yoyo. Wait, wuh??

I ordered a avalanche on monday and it hasnt shipped

This is a YoYoExpert forum so I cannot comment about things dealing with our store here, just not professional.

But i must say one thing, we are not amazon. We are two people who are working our selves to exhaustion and are trying our best to keep up.

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Do you like work from your house? If so my bad, im just used to ordering from here and amazon, and amazon is huge, and yoyoexpert is big for a yoyo store.

I work out of an office 3 blocks from my house … And have a wife and kid and a dog and no other hobbies lol

My life is watching movies online, yoyoing and studying if needed.

Sounds pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Exactly why I love being 13

I’m still super excited to get a Canvas tho :slight_smile:

oh I thought you ment 2-3 weeks after it shipped!

www.cariboublog.ca - the post under the one about Petr Kavka’s practice… ::slight_smile:

I see ya decided to do the dirty work for Chris :wink: