Anyone ordered form the CLYW?

Anyone in the us ordered from their website before? I ordered one of the lost in the arctic canvas’s the this morning and am just curious as to when to expect it in the mail. Thanks in advance guys

yeah, I ordered one of the first run canvases from them. I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but I wanna say about a week to 2 weeks. It took longer than I expected considering the cost of shipping.

1 word Customs

1 more word:

Customs seems to be overly lazy.

Could be worse. Had a package sit on a dock in India for 6 months and I had to pay through the “select orifice of choice” to get it there OVERNIGHT since they needed it so bad. In the end, got screwed. Out the $2400 to ship it, and the over $40K for the item. I suspect this was a planned screw-job that I stopped battling a couple of years ago. Too expensive to go collect.

Mine took about two weeks average when ordered from CLYW. CLYW gets it out the next day. The wait is CPS and USPS. Sucks, but the product is always worth the wait. But don’t know about the “Lost in the Arctic” series though. Kind of reminds me of the fetus Canvas. Brrrrrrr.

Sorry. Not for me.

i was hoping for a week, but nothing i can do about it i spose. I will say every time ive ordered something from overseas it was through customs the same day it got there, idk maybe ive been lucky. Maybe ill get lucky since im in MN and the USPS seems to be a bit faster here. Although now that i said it i prolly just screwed myself lol.

Took about 10-14 days to get an order from them the one time I did.