Average time to receive orders from CLYW directly?

Im on the east coast, ordered on valentines day. 12 days later, no dice? How long has it taken you to receive orders from CLYW’s store?

My fastest was one week. Ordered on Thursday night and got the package the following Friday. My longest was just a hair over 3 weeks (23 days) Mostly they are somewhere in the middle of that…

I’m in Virginia, when I ordered on Black Friday, it took a shade under 3 weeks to get here. I’m in the same boat waiting with you though, I ordered on Valentines day, my tracking isn’t even showing up lol. I’ll give another week or so before I get worried.

Cool, im actually in Maryland so it’s good to have so meone close in the same boat :slight_smile:

Dude… they said they’d be gone for awhile. They’re in the USA right now touring for contests.

Read up - http://www.cariboublog.com

I have heard that it takes almost three weeks. :’(

They shut down the store a few days early so they could get everything shipped from what I was told; so basically, if you ordered before everything went to “coming soon” it was shipped out before they left. Its out there somewhere!

I DID read up. My order was some time before they left for contest stuff. thanks for playing!

I ordered on valentines day and my tracking is showing it in San Fran right now. I’m hoping the it gets here before I fly out to CA, Friday afternoon.

This has been exactly my experience as well. There is some odd mail voodoo between Canada and the US. X files type of stuff. :wink:

It’s pretty weird. So far my box has been from Edmonton, to Richmond, VA, then Vancouver, BC, Canada (?), then to San Francisco. As long as it makes it to the right end destination I guess it’s okay :smiley:

Was just about to point this out…