How long does shipping from Canada to the US usually take?

I just received my shipping confirmation from CLYW for the Zip Zip FG BvM2 I ordered and I’m just wondering how long it usually takes to ship from Canada.

About 25-30 Days. I ordered a FG avalanche way back when in last February. and it took an exact month to reach me. Packages have to go through customs when coming from Canada to the US so thats why it takes so long. (I live in NJ if that gives you a perspective as to how far from canada I live)

7 to 10 days in my experience.

I’ve had similar times of 7-10 days. But I actually think this is pretty fast when you take into account the fact that they keep having to stop to feed the postal-moose.

That’s what I expected. I’ve heard people say a week or 2, and I’ve heard up to a month. I just hope customs doesn’t decide to inspect mine.

Last time I ordered something from Canada, it was like 14 days. That was a few years ago. I think the longest I ever waited for something was around 20 days.

I think when a friend of mine ordered some CLYW stuff, despite paying for the speedier shipping, it was still about 14 days.

Whenever stuff has to cross a country border, it usually seems to add a few days. I did have a package arrive at my place after being mailed from the UK in 7 days.

Pretty much 10 business days is the typical for me.