How long it takes to ship?

I ordered something from the CLYW store, and was wondering if anyone knew the estimated shipping time from Canada to the midwest. Thanks!

It takes as long as it takes to get to you.

Did you get a Confirmation Email? Or a Tracking NO. ?

Probably a week+…

I got a confirmation email, but no tracking number. Just wondering if anyone had any former expierence’s with shipping times.

About 2 weeks for me. For future reference, it is against the rules to talk about stores other than YYE on the forums–after all, they do pay the bills around here.


The only time I ordered directly from CLYW it took exactly 2 business weeks to get to my house in AZ. The tracking takes forever to update. Just be patient.

I thought it was okay if they didn’t have it in stock, my apologies.

Kind of what i was expecting, I’m in no rush, just curious as to when i could expect it

I may be wrong but I think as in other stores they mean retailers.

12 days to Kansas City for my Chief.

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as others said, about two weeks. I think it was 13 days to Ca back when I got my canvas

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Even in canada, it takes at least a week for the stuff to hit my mailbox. He probably has to fight penguins and polar bears to get to the mailbox, and that’s if the blizzards and northern lights allow you to leave your house… ;D