Why is YYJ pricing so weird on this site?

Why are YoyoJam prices so weird on this site?

For example:

$14.40 for the Prelude, why not $15? or 14.99?


Axiom for $72.25


$63.33 for the Inspire??? Weird numbers, I dont get it.

I understand that Andre Boule runs that site and that he is affiliated with YYJ so maybe thats a factor but maybe someone out there knows.

Ben B

Its mainly to even out differential equations that can be dealt from a counterquantry application via the over-riding payment systems from the center database.

Without the pricing as such, it could cause a disorientation of the server to cause a site error.



you know things.

YYJ has an integrity price which is the lowest price a retailer can sell the product for. The integrity price is a percentage of the MSRP which comes out to the different looking prices you see.


maybe it is because they switch currencys from countries cause not all can be the same price

I think you’re all over thinking this.

I think he just types a random number he thinks is decent in the general range of what was found to be profitable.

I do that a lot when selling things…

Im going to go with the answer of the person with “Team Yoyojam Captain” in thier signature lol


isn’t over thinking anything, it’s just what the site does.

agreed with the highest possible level of agreement.