Yyj quest


Does anyone think the yyj quest is over priced


Not really just because its delrin doesn’t mean it’s overprice look at like turning points albino versions all same price


Delrin is difficult to machine, which is why delrin yoyos are usually 60+ at least, with many reaching into the 90+ range. Further, the quest has fitted bronze weight rings, adding to the cost.


TP delrins are so pricey because of the Yen to Dollar exchange rate.
The Quest isn’t overpriced because of the bronze weight rings, which are hard to add but give it the potential to play like a metal.


I feel it should be selling for around $95, then with the accessory, $100 and should include a counterweight.


Nah Takeshi is worth it plus I love Yyj

Nuff said


I love yyj too but the price could’ve been at least a 100 and they don’t even come with lateral caps

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I thought it played terrific and would consider buying one full price if I didn’t have countless other things to worry about.

My gripe lies with the caps.

Also, hurr it’s not a metal it can’t be expensive or as good hurr.


I love YYJ isn’t a valid argument. It is a biased reccomendation. A yoyo should be evaluated on its play, not manufacturer.


very true I have played one I would pay about a 100 for it that’s my say


My opinion not argument

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Yep. I feel a lot of yoyo companies are slowly raising their prices. I personally think the Quest could come down to at least $90.


Have you tried the Destiny?


prices go up as the dollar goes down…


Let’s put this in a new perspective. CLYW Narwhal (I’d say Sasquatch and Avalanche but they are sold out) or quest.


Hey, YYJ is one of my favorite companies. I just don’t see this yoyo needing to retail for this much.

That’s just my opinion. It’s doubtful I’ll be buying one of these for a while. I’m mostly content with my Pinnacle for now for 5A. I’ve avoided the Destiny since I feel it’s not worth me spending my money on it, based on my 5A skillset. Now, the Quest has a bit more interest to me since as how it’s delrin. I just feel it’s a bit too pricey for me.

If I get a sweet deal, I might consider it more seriously, but I also gotta improve my 1A skills first. Just improving my 1A game is gonna take a ton of work.

My opinion, I’m entitled to it. I’m not going to lose any interest in YYJ. Loads of other stuff they have that I want, such as the Titan 3, Next Level and other goodies.


yes I have


i think so, it should at least come with he caps. i was shocked when i saw its price,


Did you like it? I loved it! Takeshi throws are excellent I’m not good at 5A but I’m not bad, by far it was the best 1A and 5A throw I’ve ever threw
Most of the yoyos in Yye live up to their price, some if you ask me, are too cheap, like the Go Big, it plays incredible I’d pay $40 for that yoyo, or the DM2 I’d pay $95, its just that good

But it’s also simple how to resolve this,…

Now pay very close attention,…

Don’t (do not) Buy (no $) it (the Quest)

It’s simple as that don’t buy it if you think it’s too expensive :slight_smile:


The sad truth.