Uhm... guys? (YYR FANS)

check the store… look at the YYR section.


“hey mom! will you buy me one yoyo for my birthday?” “sure honey! tell me it so i can buy it” shows dredg price “WHAT THE!!! !190 BUCKS!! FOR A j0j0!!! no.” “sniffle sniffle

So what’s the problem? YYR stuff has pretty much always been like that.

nononono.you misunderstand. i love yyr. thats what happened when i asked if i could get one :slight_smile: ive tried a slipnir, that thing is a boss…

No problem, other than the fact that YYR Jumped their retail prices up 40$ >.>

probably because they are anodized, or at least thats what i saw on the messiah. also, shipping from japan is a bit expensive.

well they always anodized it but it use to be 40$ cheaper >.>


The dollar also fell off a cliff as compared to the yen

So right as they restock and I would be able to buy one, the price shoots up…


i dunno why, but i thought of dashiepie in the nth dimension when i read that

I’m not sure whether this surprises me or not…

it wasnt the shippiest shipping ever luckily.

Don’t forget about Japan’s recent earthquake. It disrupted the flow of goods throughout the country, so YYR’s costs of creating yoyos may have increased or maybe they weren’t able to produce as many because of it, raising the price (supply vs demand).

The price point here is actually completely on par with anywhere else you can get YYRs right now. I think it’s awesome that there are some available for sale stateside again. Good call Swat.