Why is the Chico Titanium Bulldog $330?

I have a OneDrop Sovereign - $180. I also have a VSNYC Ti Walker - $200 - Like, the best yoyo ever created by man.

So, why is the Chico Bulldog $330? Is it some titanium/Gold alloy or something? And please, do not tell me about the price of titanium and the machining costs. Obviously, OneDrop and VSNYC can do it for much less than $330. So what justifies this price?

Supply and demand. No one would sell $100-$200 yoyos if there were millions out there and no one bought them

Here we go again…

That price is what they want for it. Simple as that. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Someone will take your place.


They only made 10.

This is why titanium yoyos are not available every day…

$330 is a more accurate reflection of cost and margin for a titanium yoyo. The anomaly is not this yoyo.

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Right on target. :slight_smile:

Only 10? That hardly justifies dulling the machining tool. Did they only sell 10? How many went to team and owners/friends? Who pays for that? Oops, maybe now I understand the $330. price.

That is a good question. Why only 10? They could sell 20 for say 270$, and make more profit.

Why was the oxy Ti $550? Why was the C22 so much? If people want it, they will buy it. Price really doesn’t matter.

Then which yoyo is the anomaly?



you have any idea how hard it is to sell 20x$270 throws? and how much it costs just to make them? it’s not because you have a company that you actually have endless funds. most yoyo manufacturers are people doing it with their own coin and the difference between buying 10 and 20 high end, titanium yoyos from a machine shop can easily represent a full month salary if not more. even getting 10 done is a HUGE bet.

you always got people telling they’re buying this or that pricey/hypey throw, but not much actually do

I tend to agree with Ben also, the anomaly is not the $300 titanium throw here

Interesting. There does seem to be a pricee difference between the Ti throws that are made in large quantities rather than small runs. How did VSNYC and OneDrop know how many they could sell? I think Heath made 100 Walkers. I am sure OneDrop has made more than 100 Sovereigns.

They want it 330$. They know it will sell out in about 3 minutes no problem. People pay it,they price it.

both one drop and vsnyc, both make their own yoyos, with their own machines. utilizing their own skill. Which would make producing the yoyos much cheaper. I don’t know for sure on this but it would be my guess as to why one is cheaper then the other.

5 went in the first 15 seconds, (i think 1 person did that) and now theres 1 left.

I guess my question is more along the lines of why would anyone pay that much?

I think a big part of it isn’t really greed or taking advantage of the market, but just the reality of doing the R&D and machining for such a small run. In titanium no less. Just the production cost on one of these is probably higher than the retail price of most high end throws. You usually mitigate that with volume, but not on a series of 10.

Ah they just misread it as $3.30 and couldn’t pass up such a great deal ;).

BSP was $350, Oxy Ti was $500+, other Ti’s are low-mid $200’s? They seem to have a really wide range of prices.

That said, my Tiwalker is the only ti I’ll ever want to have. I love that thing so much I’ll have it buried with me. It made the best use of Ti imo. If I save up enough allowance (or sell a bunch of yoyos) I might just get another.