Why is my New Breed suddenly responsive?

I exchanged the DM II that I got yesterday for a New Breed today. It was playing great up until a few minutes ago when it suddenly became responsive. It’s brand new so it may just be that I need to break in the bearing, but I’m not sure. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would happen?

Break in periods, worst part of a new bearing. if you throw an older bearing in, it should work fine

^^^^ Yes but you might not want to throw a old bearing in because then you’ll never break in the new one, and it will e a perfectly good bearing gone to waste.

thats how i look at it, but some people dont want to rebreak in

My New-Breed was responsive too. All you need to do is just break it in. Wont take too long. Maybe a hour or so. A day at the most.

Gyro Flopping can make it around 30% faster.

And where did you come up with this figure my good sir?

Ha, it’s sarcasm. I’m not too sure of the 30% part, but it helps quite a bit. I’ve compared my results and it does seem quite a difference.