My New Breed is way too responsive

the silicone pads in it wore out so i put rtv black into it and it is way too responsive. also by the way i cleaned the bearing and then put some silicone o ring lubricant which is kind of thick. if u kno how to fix it can u pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze tell me

Your problem could be one of 2 things. Either the RTV is not broken in yet, or the lube you put in was too much or it is just too thick. Remember to only put in a drop the size of a pin head. Either of these problems can be fixed by continuing to play it. If the problems persist, I’d say clean the bearing.

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Remove the bearing, clean or replace it, and make sure NOTHING is in the bearing seat. Reinsert the bearing and enjoy!

ok so i checked and there is some rtv in the bearing so how do i take it out

You really can’t take it out so just clean it.

Get a toothpick or maybe the back of a fork or something (really anything that’ll fit in the bearing seat) and just scrape away at it.

EDIT: Wait…is it in the bearing or the bearing seat? Is it in the bearing or just on the side of it? Are your shields in?

i would need to know where it is first
but i will agree with apetrunk with that
cause you need to get something in the bearing seat to fit :slight_smile:

Mineral spirits will clean it out wherever it is.

… and crash the plastic of your YoYo!
So be careful that the mineral spirit is out of your bearing before you put it back to the YoYo and don’t use it to clean the plastic parts of the Yo!!!

The New Breed is clecon. Mineral spirits wont have an affect on it.

yeah I’d say your lube is just to thick. Reclean then use either a TINY drop of yyj thin lube or sewing lube. I personally like the sewing lube it’s cheap and be found locally.

Are you sure? I know it’s celcon meanwhile and celcon should be chemical resistant, but I would’nt try it out on a new throw! :wink:

Yea my shields r in and the rtv is in the bearing but ill try to use a toothpick to take it out. oh and i use rubbing alcohol to clean my bearing is that ok???

Rubbing alcohol isn’t the best thing to use. I can contain quite a bit of water which can corrode or rust your bearing.

Mineral spirits. Get some, use it, love the results.

why does it magicly dissapear
and come unresponsive again

my sisters have some nail polish remover would that work instead of mineral spirits?

Ive used nail polish remover just fine

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i never knew that would work

As for the silicone response, icthus told me to try using red rtv but what is the difference between hitemp black rtv and red rtv.