responsive yoyo

used rubbing alcohol to clean the bearing and yyf thin lube to lube it up but its even more responsive what did i do wrong

You may have used too much thin lube. You only want a pinprick of a lube in the bearing. Also, possibly try using mineral spirits or acetone instead of rubbing alcohol. I haven’t had very good results with RA

as far as to much lube it may have been the possibility should i wait for it to wear in?

Yup, just keep playing with it. Eventually it’ll break in and go back to being unresponsive.

look at my post on bearing cleaning 101, that should really help you out.,86409.0.html

Well, that entirely depends on how much you put in. If you only put it in a tiny bit too much, then just play it. If you put in twice as much, or higher than you needed just clean it again and start over the process.

Don’t clean it with rubbing alcohol. Clean it again, but with acetone (which you can find at your local hardware store), then add 1 drop of YYJ thin lube and let it break in (which means it will be slightly responsive for a bit until you have the bearing spin enough) for a smooth, quiet, and long lasting bearing.

If you are able to, put 1/2 drop of YYJ thin lube into the bearing; that should shorten break-in time and if not, eliminate the break-in time.

Or Follow my steps on cleaning a bearing and how much lube to put it, and it will spin quietly and smoothly. With very little break in time, if there is any break in time the way I do it. Never once had to deal with it being responsive after cleaning it that way I do.

is rubbing alcohol bad and what brands of acetone do you use what is the best thing to use?

I clean with acetone and dont use lube.

depends on the rubbing alcohol you buy
If you just follow my bearing cleaning 101 post. you wont have nay trouble with your bearings at all. they will play amazing and smooth. or… you can keep posting and asking the same question. lol and get the same answers

You should do nothing and play it as it is.

thin is i keep playing with it but its still crazy responsive i cant do ninja vanish with out it coming up and hitting my knuckles

After awhile bloody knuckles isn’t too much of a problem

One would think this issue would have been solved by now, looking at all the legit advice in this and all the other threads on the topic.

Playing responsive will make you a better player. Here is a video of Blake Freeman doing a Ninja Vanish on a responsive Walter