Why, I think we need an NER thread!

I mean, it’s next month! Time to get stoked.


What’re our plans? I’m thinkin’ Sport 1A and good times.

This was a stupid idea Pat…

Just kidding! I got you!

I plan to come in last whatever devision I enter so I guess I’ll just pick one.

I’m going, I’m doing Regular 1a, last year I did sports, I failed, but I still got 3rd :smiley: I have a pretty dope FS going.

People don’t seem too pumped for this contest. Weird.

I am.

i am definately pumped because ITS MY FIRST COMPETITION!

Wow. well good luck to ya :wink:

Guys, Im taking a Family Vacation to New York this weekend, so If I can convince my parents to go, ill be there. :wink:

My FS is turning out pretty alright. Most likely getting another Punchline as well.

Gripped to be pumped to be stoked.

Gaaah!! My first lacrosse game of the season is on the day of NER :-\

I’ll probably be bringing Pedro…

I’ll be competing in 1a and 5a. Man if I hit my stuff…

Im going this Sunday! Does anyonje wanna trade me something at NER… I dont use my Punchline anymore… so c ya ther! ;D ;D

I might have something to offer if Pat doesn’t get to you first ;).

I actually have a trade lined out for a Punchline, so it’s all yours. If the trade goes sour, though, prepare to battle (preferably cliff-side, really dramatic like. Swords are a must, non-negotiable)

I’m considering doing a song change for my freestyle, but this close to the date, I don’t think I wanna risk it.

Pedro’s defiantly coming. Can’t wait.

Got my FS down.

Hope to see you guy there.

hu me? wat will it be>??

That was directed towards me.

I’m at my Dad’s place right now so we can get an early start in the morning! Staying a bit later, too.