Why hasn't this been made yet?

because there has been no demand for these colors probably…

Then explain why there’s a thread demanding them.

The yoyo community isn’t very good at deciding what they want. Just because people start a thread asking for a certain color or certain yoyo definitely doesn’t mean people will buy it.

I’m a people and I would buy it.

I’m not saying there weren’t people wanting it just not a large enough group also I was talking about before this thread

while we’re on this topic, who else wants a delrin genesis?

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Why in the world are you trying to argue against what people want?

The whole run? I’m sure you could work something out with YYF, then.

I’d buy one, a black and red protostar would be sick!

seems that the protostar sells we enough without having to change things. Black and red would be awesome though!

You’re forgetting the black ink for the markings.

Champions Collection Community Collection

heck id buy a black and red protostar…

a colorway vote would be awesome. I think it’d be cool if the community voted on the colorways.

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I think this is a great idea.

Lots of colors!! Splash would be Epic?

Custom colors protostars

lol vote for a bunch of clyw colorways

I’ve always wanted a red/white acid wash with thing stringy blue splash