Why does no one seem to like the YYF Skyline?


So I told my friend to buy me a yo-yo and she accidentally bought me a skyline, so I’ve been trying to trade it, but it seems no one wants a skyline, why does no one like it?


I wanted it but we coudn’t make a deal, hehe. I liked mine that I had a while back, very good spin times and just a very fun yoyo that could hang with the big boys. It is very underrated though. Maby the hubs deter people…


well its still here if you have an offer


I’v always liked the skyline.


I’m a fan of the Skyline. It’s definitely in my top 5 throws. Depending on the trick I’m trying to learn I will go for the Skyline first.


People’s tastes change… A couple of years ago I may have bought one, but with the limited money I have, there are other yoyos I would choose instead, but that dosnt make it a bad yoyo… For what ever reason, it just gets less attention than others