Why does my Tactic suck?

Okay, so I bought a YoYoFactory Tactic a month ago and it seems like it can’t perform as well as other Tactics I’ve seen in videos. My Grind Machine, too, isn’t all that great. Let’s say I want to do a Gyroscopic Flop… Well, my tactic can’t do it very well, no matter what way I do it. If I do it from the front by whipping the string around the yo-yo, it dies immediately. If I do it sideways by trapeze and twisting inward and grabbing, it does it, but doesn’t even flip… it just moves, then comes back. WHY?

First, break in the bearing, and practice your Gyroscopic Flop, and that should work no problem.

When I pull, do I have to pull very hard or softly? :-\

If it just stays where it’s at, you’re pulling to hard.
If it spins rapidly without you controlling it, you’re going to soft.

Also, every yoyo performs a bit differently in tricks like a flop. Just play around with it a little more.

Pretty hard. You will be able to feel your pull affecting the turn, so just keep pulling harder (Don’t pull so hard you break a string or anything) until you get it working well.

I have the B-Grade tactic and it played great after I desheilded and thin lubed the bearing. Also, flops are greatly affected by the yoyo’s shape, so not all throws will flop with the same technique, however, the way I flop, I clench both sides in a fist and pull untill the string is TIGHT

why cant your tactic perform like when yyf team member uses??
Maybe thats becuase they are better than you?

Not the nicest way of putting it but yeah I kinda have to agree. Never mind, putting it this was was probably the best choice.

It’s not the yoyo, it is the yoyoer. Just because you buy a motorcross bike dosn’t mean you can do all the cool tricks with out long periods of training, just because you saw pro’s doing cool tricks in the commercials.

Keep your hand as paralel as possible.
I guess that alone can made a diference.

I don’y sugar coat what I say. Its the truth.

The player makes the yoyo, not the other way around.


Then again, the are the Pros. Also, keep the string off the sides of the yoyo. If you keep the string in the middle, then pull kinda hard (but no too hard), then you can get it in no time. ;D

Pull as hard as you want until it feels right, and get a nice flop. I don’t do a lot of flops, because I find that it like makes the bearing act weird because of the tension on the bearing. So just pull in the middle, and what feels right and won’t damage your bearing. :wink:

  1. I have tried three tactics and they all play like beasts.
  2. When flopping, make sure that the strings are tight, and keep the strings away from the walls of the yoyo.

No… not really… I do every combo I throw with the string on the side of the yoyo.

You guys are right. It’s me. But that still doesn’t change the fact that my yo-yo is crappy… I’ve seen people play with their Tactics, which made me want to buy one. I buy one and it’s nothing like the others. Theirs play better.

Im just throwing this out there… but maybe they modified, used a different bearing,etc…

if you think it sucks, I’ll trade you something for it.

Nope, every Tactic is the same. The Tactic doesn’t suck. :wink:

Nope, bearing changing isn’t a mod. Infact, changing the bearing dosn’t really do much, and dosn’t make it easier to preform a trick. It will make the yoyo feel a little different, or more silent ect. but it will not make the people be able to do all these crazy tricks by simply changing a bearing.