why do you have to have two of the same yoyos for 3A?


hey all,
I going to try 3A. But I don’t have two of the same yoyos. Is it still possible to do tricks with two different yoyos? Right now I have a northstar and phenomizm but I’m not really sure why all 3A players use the same yoyo. Does it help with balance or something?

(M.DeV1) #2

with 3a its nice to have the feel of the same weight and size on both hands. it also helps with having your nondominant hand mimic you dominant hand. i dont have the same two yoyos so i have been throwing 3a with a protostar and a yuuksta but i plan on getting some jks soon. either way its just easier to learn with two of the same yoyo.


I’m going to say that it’s best to have two of the same model. I’d think one would want some consistency so the play is a bit more predictable.

For me, I have two identical yoyos, and they are different colors and will have different colored strings so I can tell everything apart at all times.

There’s no rule that says “same”. It’s just good advice.


It really doesn’t matter too much.

Naturally, using two yoyos that are quite similar would probably be better, but if you’re starting out, just use whatever you’ve got. Once you really get into it and know what you do / don’t want in 3A yoyos, then look at getting a pair.

I’ve come across a few 3A players who specifically use different yoyos, eg. more rim weight and heavier yoyo on weaker hand.

Just mess around, and slowly over time you’ll figure out what works for you.

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For the sake of balance, spin, consistency. When you get into tricks that are quicker and involve lots of rolls and whatnot, its very important that the yoyos are moving at the same speed and velocity. While you technically can use two different yoyos, the easiest way to ensure best play is with two of the same.



Why do you want two of the same drumsticks?