Starting 3A with two different yoyos

What do you guys think about starting 3A with two non-identical yoyos? Like starting with like… a northstar for the left hand and a PSG on the other? I personally do not see anything wrong with this, but is there a disadvantage/setback when people start out and continue playing 3A with two different throws?

It’s a non-issue. You should eventually move to the same yoyo, but starting off and learning the basics just use whatever you have.

I’m gonna agree with that. Ideally, a match set works best, but to start, it doesn’t really matter. The biggest thing to do is get both hands throwing good and then do anything you can with your dominant hand being able to do that with your non-dominant hand.

It’s really not an issue. In fact, I’ve even heard some players argue that you should use different yoyos. As an example, if you are right handed, you might find it easier to use a more rim-weighted, stable yoyo in your left hand to compensate for the weaker throw.

Exactly why I play 3A with a Gleipnir and a Sleipnir, even if I have enough Sleipnirs! That works amazingly!

Yes, that’s what I thought as well when I was typing out Northstar on the left hand and the PSG on your right.

Is there a reason for switching to a matching set after playing for a while even if people are comfortable with using two different throws? Isn’t it kind of better using a different yoyo that suits better for your left hand and vice versa? Oh and thank you for everyone who replied!

Symmetric tricks, rolls, and flourishes will be awkward without the same yoyo on both hands. Once you’re past intermediate you should consider two of the same (or at least very similar) throws. It’s not too uncommon to set up one throw differently to account for the fact one of your hands is weaker, but the more you practice the less your left hand will be “weak” as opposed to just “not dominate”. I hope this makes sense!

Mmmmm I see I got it now, thank you so much for explaining!