3a Question

I know preferably u should have 2 same yoyos while doing 3a but is it ok to do it with 2 different yoyos? Or is it bad? cuz i never see anyone use 2 different yoyos before>>>>>>>>>>>?

Yeah theres nothing wrong with using 2 different yoyos.

alright thanks it got to my head cuz whenever i see someone yoyo, even in the redondo beach pier, they always had the same yoyo for 3a lol

You can use two different just like you can use two different for 2a. It just looks cooler when you got a pair and most likely they play the same so they don’t move differently. If you want to make tricks that plays to having different yoyo’s that would be cool too.

hey, sorry it’s a bit off topic, but you go down to sunshine kite co.?
I’m there almost every saturday :smiley:


in 2A its very important to have 2 of the same yoyos, this helps to ensure equal balance and flip during loops, and in wraps and other such maneuvers, its vital to have 2 of the same yoyos.

As for 3A, Its technically ok to use two different yoyos, but I would not recommend it. When you are using 2 of something to manipulate into different segments, you would want the yoyos to have the same weight, size, feel during spin, etc.

I don’t recommend using two different throws unless they are very similar.